About us

We are a company that since the beginning of its activity, i.e. since 2009, has been offering its customers a full range of steel structures, industrial equipment and technological systems. The company’s policy is to satisfy the needs of our customers through timely delivery of products ordered by them and made with the highest quality. This is possible thanks to the extensive experience and high qualifications of our employees.

Based on a constantly expanded modern machinery park, we manufacture steel structures and industrial equipment meeting the high requirements of customers from all over Europe.

We also owe the high quality of manufactured structures and equipment to the quality assurance systems introduced in our company. The company has implemented and certified quality management systems PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN EN 1090-1 and 2+A1:2012, PN EN ISO 3834 in recognised entities.

We have two production plants in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Czarków near Pszczyna, thanks to which we are able to manufacture up to 250 tons of steel structures per month. The experience of our employees and modern machinery park allow us to meet the needs of customers in such industries as energy, automotive, offshore, metallurgy, cement industry, railways, chemical or mining industry and construction industry.

Continuous development that characterizes our organization allows us to offer customers a much wider range of services and products beyond the execution of steel structures, ranging from the design of steel structures and equipment, through the laser burning of sheet metal parts and supply of metallurgical materials, ending with the installation at the customer or delivery of products developed by our technology companies such as expansion joints and modular beams.